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Panchangam by Pandit S.P. Tata

Tithi, Vara, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana are the five elements of time called panch-anga. These are based on the positions of Sun and Moon – the two important luminaries - and are used to know the auspiciousness of any date and time (muhurtha) for any important undertaking like journey, buying, selling, marriage, puja, vrata, shraddhas, etc. Apart from these five main elements of time, the traditional Panchanga also gives details about the daily Lagnas, Horas, good and bad times in a day etc. Our Panchanga uses the highly accurate Nasa Ephemeries and the Chaitrapaksha Ayanamsha (Lahiri) and is the most accurate and informative one available on the web.

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You can change date/place (Daylight saving time automatically adjusted) The time shown is in 24 hours format. If it shows 27.30 it means one day over and next day up to 3.30.

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Year : Hemalambin
Vikrama Era : 2074
Saka Era : 1939
Ayana : Uttarayana (North hemisphere)
Ritu : Shishira
Month : Phalguna
Paksha : Shukla Paksha
Days Since Kaliyuga : 1869708.28987
Julian Day : 2458172.28987
Sunrise : 06:57
Sunset : 18:12
Sun in : Kumbha
Moon in : Mesha
Moon Rise : 11:03:02
Moon Set : -
Ayanamsa (Lahiri) : 24°06′26″
Kalas From To
Rahu Kalam 13:58 15:23
Gulika Kalam 9:45 11:10
Yamagandam 6:57 8:21
Amrita Kalam 8:52 10:26
Durmuhurta 10:42 11:27
Durmuhurta2 26:27 27:12
Varjyam 25:08 26:41
Day (Vara) : Thursday
Rulling Diety : Brihaspati
Day of Guru and higher officials, worship, wisdom, knowledge, devotion, children and money. A very favourable day for activities like getting married, giving gifts, doing charity, buying, shopping for important things, selling, planning finances, for charity, learning scriptures and new things, meditation, meeting your guru or boss, teaching and spending time with children, for banking, financial planning, beginning new education. Don't get angry, don't be greedy, fickle minded or violent or lazy or ungrateful. Don't tell lies.
Tithi : Shukla Saptami Upto: 02:29:00 After That Shukla Ashtami
Chandra kala of tithi : Dhruti
Tithi Lord : Indra
Nitya devi of tithi : Kulasundari
Nitya devi mantra : Aim Hrim Shrim Aim Klim Sauh Kulasundari Nitya Shri Padukam Pujayami Tarpayami Namah
Suitable for : The 7th Tithi is ruled by Indra . It is a Bhadra Tithi which is good for starting any new work. Activities, related to transportation; Buying conveyances, wedding, music, dance, debate, decoration and ornaments; the beginning of a journey, starting a war and physical exercise.
Nakshatra : Bharani Upto: 13:34:12 (22/02/2018) After That Krittika
Gana : Manushya
Sex : Female
Tatwa : Rajasa
Varna : Mlecha - Outcaste
Body Part : Sole of foot
Purushartha : Artha
Colour : Red
Details : (Arietis or a Muscae) Devata Yama. Lord Venus. It extends from 13:20 to 26:40 in Aries. Immediate actions, cruel deeds, competition, activities, related to fire, poison, digging wells, agricultural activities. Nakshatra is of a fierce and cruel nature. Suitable for poisoning, destruction, fires and cheating. Don't start a journey, don't lend money. Good for work with fire or weapons, poison or chemicals, cutting trees, competition. Not suitable for auspicious undertakings.
Yoga : BrahmaUpto: 08:52:51 (22/02/2018) After that Indra
Meaning divine or excellent. Good for all Auspicious Deeds.
Karana : Gara Upto: 15:12:50 (22/02/2018) After That Vanija
Good for the cultivation of the soil, sowing the seeds, constructing the house.
Janma tara for Bharani, P.Phalguni, P.Ashadha. Causes Worry
Sampat tara for Ashwini, Magha, Moola. Gain of Wealth
Vipat tara for Revati, Ashlesha, Jyeshtha. Disputes
Kshema tara for U.Bhadrapada, Pushya, Anuradha. Gains in Business etc.
Pratyari tara for P.Bhadrapada, Punarvasu, Vishakha. Harm to the work
Sadhak tara for Shatabhisha, Ardra, Swati. Hapiness
Vadha tara for Dhanishtha, Mrigashira, Chitra. Monetary Loss
Mitra tara for Shravana, Rohini, Hasta. Good Happiness
Atimitra tara for U.Ashadha, Krittika, U.Phalguni. Very Good Happiness
Chandrabalam :
Mesha, Vrishabha, Vrishabha, Mithuna, karka, Simha, Tula, Dhanu, Makar and Kumbha rashi borns have Chandra Bala.
Ashtama Chandra for Kanya Rashi Borns.

Day time Horas - From Sunrise to Sunset. The time indicated is the hora starting time.

Night time Horas - From Sunset to Sunrise. The time indicated is the hora starting time.

Day Time Horas Night Time Horas
Jupiter 6:57 Moon 18:12
Mars 7:53 Saturn 19:15
Sun 8:49 Jupiter 20:19
Venus 9:45 Mars 21:23
Mercury 10:42 Sun 22:26
Moon 11:38 Venus 23:30
Saturn 12:34 Mercury 24:34
Jupiter 13:30 Moon 25:37
Mars 14:27 Saturn 26:41
Sun 15:23 Jupiter 27:45
Venus 16:19 Mars 28:48
Mercury 17:15 Sun 29:52

Muhurtas today - Time mentioned is the muhurta starting time based on sunrise at your place. Rudra, Ahi, Pitru, Puruhuta, Naktanchara, Bhaga, Girisa, Ajipada, Yama & Agni are inauspicious Muhurtas.

Rudra 6:57 Ahi 7:44 Mitra 8:32 Pitru 9:20 Vasu 10:08
Vara 10:56 Vishwedeva 11:44 Vidhi 12:32 Satamukhi 13:20 Puruhuta 14:08
Vahni 14:56 Naktanchara 15:44 Varuna 16:32 Arama 17:20 Bhaga 18:08
Girisa 18:56 Ajipada 19:44 Ahirbudhya 20:32 Pusha 21:20 Aswi 22:08
Yama 22:56 Agni 23:44 Vidhatru 24:32 Chanda 25:20 Aditi 26:08
Jeeva 26:56 Vishnu 27:44 Yumigadyuti 28:32 Thyasthur 29:20 Samdram 30:08

Lagnas today - At sunrise time lagna is Aquarius. The time shown is the lagna starting time.

Aquarius   6:29 Pisces   7:57 Aries   9:22
Tauras   10:57 Gemini   12:52 Cancer   15:06
Leo   17:27 Virgo   19:44 Libra   21:59
Scorpio   24:19 Saggitarius   26:38 Capricorn   28:42

Chaugadia Pravesh table - The time indicates start of chaugadia Day: 2, Vara: Somavaram

Day Night
Shubh - 6:57 Amrit - 18:12
Rog - 8:21 Chal - 19:47
Udyog - 9:45 Rog - 21:23
Chal - 11:10 Kaal - 22:58
Labh - 12:34 Labh - 24:34
Amrit - 13:58 Udyog - 26:09
Kaal - 15:23 Shubh - 27:45
Shubh - 16:47 Amrit - 29:20

Ephemeries - The following are the niryana positions of planets today at sunrise

Planet Sign Degrees Retro Nakshatra
Planet:Sun Sign:Kumbha Degrees:09°15′35″ Retro:D Nakshatra:Shatabhisha (1)
Planet:Moon Sign:Mesha Degrees:22°53′54″ Retro:D Nakshatra:Bharani (3)
Planet:Mars Sign:Vrishchika Degrees:22°00′43″ Retro:D Nakshatra:Jyeshtha (2)
Planet:Mercury Sign:Kumbha Degrees:13°02′53″ Retro:D Nakshatra:Shatabhisha (2)
Planet:Jupiter Sign:Tula Degrees:28°45′35″ Retro:D Nakshatra:Vishakha (3)
Planet:Venus Sign:Kumbha Degrees:19°46′10″ Retro:D Nakshatra:Shatabhisha (4)
Planet:Saturn Sign:Dhanu Degrees:12°40′15″ Retro:D Nakshatra:Moola (4)
Planet:Rahu Sign:karka Degrees:20°41′48″ Retro:D Nakshatra:Ashlesha (2)
Planet:Ketu Sign:Makar Degrees:20°41′48″ Retro:D Nakshatra:Shravana (4)